Teaching Artist

Employment Status:
Reports to:
Program Coordinator and Programs Director
CircEsteem unites youth across all backgrounds and identities by fostering self-esteem and mutual respect through the practice and performance of the circus arts. Specifically, CircEsteem promotes the development of self-esteem, personal success and empowerment by (i) promoting the practice of circus arts; (ii) uniting youth from diverse backgrounds; (iii) providing skills training; and (iv) providing children from low-income and economically challenged backgrounds with the financial safety net they will need as they seek higher education.

Program(s): Across all on-site and off-site programs, after-school activities, and residencies

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Teach students in various circus disciplines
  • Implement the lesson plans dictated by CircEsteem’s curriculum.
  • Attend any planning meetings necessary for program success as dictated by the Program Coordinator or Program Director
  • Attend all program sessions accepted in the agreed upon offer letter
  • Ensure successful program implementation when Program Coordinator is unable to attend programming – communicate with Teaching Artist’s team about plans for the day, run the daily schedule, etc.


  • Mentor and assist youth with their homework as needed
  • Chaperone youth on field trips, as requested by the program coordinator

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Attendance at CircEsteem’s staff trainings
  • Pay increase partly determined by the number of CircEsteem trainings attended
  • Open gym for skill building available for all CircEsteem employees


The position is part-time.  The position receives sick time pay in accordance with CircEsteem’s Employee Benefits Policy.  

Please refer to the attached pay rubric for hourly wage determination. Click here for an overview of our Pay Structure, perks, and benefits.

Please submit a Letter of Interest and Resume to adrian@circesteem.org to be considered for this position.